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Myofascial Release Massage Q&A
What is Myofascial Release Massage?
Myofascial Release is a soft tissue therapy recommended for the pain and restricted movement associated with disfunctions of the skeletal tissues,connective tissues, and myofascial tissues.
What is Fascia?
Fascia is a part of connective tissues that support most every part of our bodies, including muscle, bones, and nerves. When these tissues become restricted from overuse, postural asymmetries, and injury, you can experience decreased range of motion, a general "tight" feeling, pain, and even tingling sensations from restricted blood flow.
How does Myofascial Release Massage differ from the Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage that I am familiar with?
Myofascial Release Massage (MRM) differs from the traditional massage experience in several ways. Most notably, you will remain clothed during your session.  MRM involves gentle prolonged stretching of muscles, joints, and their related fascia in order to relax tension areas. No lotion or gliding massage is used.
What type of issues does MRM address and help?
Some issues that respond well to Myofascial Release are:
Fibromyalgia                        TMJ Problems                 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome              
Acute and Chronic Pain       Back Pain                        Sacral/CoccygealDysfunction Headaches                           Scoliosis                          Neck Pain                                                   
Arthritis                                 Disc Problems                 Repetitive Strain Injuries             
Postural Issues                     Migraines                         Restriction of Motion                   
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome            Unresolved Scar- Tissue Pain
Myofascial Pain Syndrome          Post-Surgical Dysfunction
Sports Injuries                              Pelvic and Menstrual Problems
Conditions that can be improved include:
  • Forward head
  • Rounded or uneven shoulders
  • Rounding of the upper back
  • Scoliosis
  • Excessive low back curve
  • Legs that turn in or out
    What should I expect during my first appointment?
    Your initial session will be 2 hours, which includes a 20-30 minute extensive evaluation of your medical history, past or current injuries, as well as a posture evaluation. The remaining 1 1/2 hours is reserved for treatment. This will include MRM for the entire body, even if you only have a specific area of pain.  Although your shoulder may be hurting, you will be suprised to discover how much the rest of your body and its restrictions are affecting your shoulder.  This will also allow me the time to slowly evaluate EXACTLY what areas may be contributing to your pain.
    Will I be required to make a 2 hour appointment every time?
    No, after your first session, you will have the option to rebook a 30 minute, 1 hour,
    1 1/2 hour, or another 2 hour session. After an extensive intake evaluation and session both you and I will have a better understanding of what your bodywork needs are.
    How many sessions will I need to alleviate my pain?
    There honestly is no way to predict this. Each and every person and situation is unique and therefore requires the initial assesment and MRM session to determine the length and frequency of following appointments. Unlike traditional physical therapy, where you are sent for a prescribed frequency and duration that may have no bearing on your condition, we will look at the evaluation results, the chronicity and extent of your pain/dysfunction, and determine a frequency that works best for you.
    What should I wear to my MRM sessions?
    Both males and females are encouraged to wear or bring loose fitting, thin shorts (no denim please). Females will also need to bring or wear a sports bra, tank top, or bathing suit top (or loose t-shirt if necessary) . Men may also wear a tank or loose fitting t-shirt although most are comfortable without. Please note that if you choose to wear or bring a t-shirt that it may get stretched out so please do not come dressed in your new $100 designer tee! Please do not apply any body lotions or oils on the day of any MRM treatment.
    How much do you charge per session?
    Please visit the massage pricing page of our website.
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